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4 Reasons Why Boutique Accommodation is Gaining Popularity in 21st Century

11 October 2018/ palm Cove Accommodation

The history of temporary staying while traveling dates back to the Roman period, where the government tourists use to get special treatment of lodging and spa by the Roman people at their home. As time progressed, and the Churches and monasteries grew in fashion, even they started providing shelter to the refugees and pilgrims.

It was in the latter half of the 20th century when the trend of hotel industry started growing in fashion, and with the beginning of the 21st century, it was already ubiquitous. Now if you’re out on vacation, you can find for yourself mega hotels, beach resorts, holiday inns or luxurious accommodation in Palm Cove QLD.

As the travelers nowadays crave for something new every single time, it requires endless customization and changes bringing the existence of boutique hotels such as Serenity at the Beach. Even though there’s no strict definition of boutique hotels, it is ideated as the accommodation which is decorated by the intimate atmosphere and idiosyncrasies. The entire motive lies in delivering personalized attention to all the guests and making them feel comfortable during their stay. Here’s are few characteristics which make boutique accommodations like Serenity at the Beach special.


Contrary to the popular beliefs of luxurious hotels, these private accommodations have got less number of rooms as the commercial perspective is never the priority. The entire concept lies behind giving a feel of private home to all the guests instead of a hotel occupancy. The communal living space gives scope to the guests to interact with each other, keeping the social engagement factor alive.


If you have already understood the unique operational nature of boutique accommodation, you must expect a design which matches the same. The architecture and interior design are highly noted to maintain the chic elegance and posh nature. Amalgamating the artistic touches in the interior design with archaic styling on the architecture, these luxurious boutique accommodations give a unique feel to all the tourists who come to stay.

An Offbeat Character

As you book a luxurious hotel such as Serenity at the Beach, you can expect sheer professionalism with everything being strictly prim and proper. On the contrary, this luxurious accommodation in Palm Cove QLD bear an eccentric personality. They always want to carry a trendy feel without letting the firm tone overpower themselves. You can enhance the quality of your stay with the light mood and fun moments that this boutique stays provide.

Personalized Service

This is precisely what makes these luxurious accommodations different from your conventional hotel stay. How many staff remember you by the name if you put up in a hotel? Your identity mostly comes down to the room number you have booked. On the contrary, in boutique accommodations, you will be remembered by your name because they don’t have too many guests at one point in time. With luxurious amenities to custom toiletries, you will enjoy an individualized experience in every ground.

The hip and trendy character that the boutique accommodation in Palm Cove QLD feature make it immensely unique for the guests who visit them. Whether it is the millennials or boomers, who come to visit them, love the exotic feel and quirky character that these boutique accommodations hold at their core.

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