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5 Things to Expect From Your Stay with Serenity At The Beach

9 August 2018/ Accommodation

When it comes to giving our guests the royal treatment, Serenity At The Beach leaves no stone unturned.

Our swish three bedroom accommodations are furnished with the most luxurious living options that one can ask for on a beach-side vacation. Affordable accommodation in Palm Cove Queensland is not the only thing you are availing when you sign up with Serenity At The Beach. There are a host of facilities and perks available for unwinding, relaxing and more. 

Benefits of Staying with Serenity At The Beach

Staying Connected

Our guests have nothing to worry about when it comes to staying connected to the internet. Our fast, reliable Wi-Fi facility ensures that you can provide vacation updates on social media anytime you want, search local attractions activities and more.

At Serenity At The Beach, we are also able to cater telephone services to customers to land-lines. We provide local, interstate and national calls to our customers, along with free mobile calls.

Staying Entertained

‘Non-stop entertainment’ is another motto we take very seriously. We understand that it may be physically tasking to have to go out to seek entertainment every time. So, bearing in mind the leisurely activities our guests may want to indulge in, we provide access to entertainment networks like Netflix and broadcast satellite television.

Guests can also browse through our diverse collection of DVD’s if they want to watch something favourite and familiar. Our DVD collection is mostly family-oriented so that everyone can huddle up together and have a bonding experience.

Stay Solvent

Finances translate to ‘peace of mind’ when you are away from home.  The problematic thing about carrying money and valuables when you are away on vacation is that you never know the scope of security you shall be granted.

But with Serenity At The Beach, you have no reason to worry. We provide safety deposit safes for our guests to store their valuables. Easy access to the safe for the guest also allows them to take out whatever they want before going out sight-seeing. No more worrying about keeping your valuables on your person, and losing them on the beach!

Stay Childish

Our junior guests have nothing to worry about during their stay at one of Palm Beach’s most popular luxury accommodations. At Serenity At The Beach, we go the extra mile to ensure that your little ones are cared for; we have children’s cots, high chairs and strollers to help you take your toddler out.

We have also thought ahead for the five to eight-year-olds as well. They should not have to feel bored away from their favourite toys and games. Our assorted children’s games and toys collection keep them engaged. This works out for their parents all the more, as they do not have to spend significant time tending to the children, but get to relax instead. 

Stay in Luxury, Stay Safe

Our state-of-the-art establishment ensures that you get a fully furnished three bedroom apartment. With all kinds of modern solutions for leisure, our esteemed guests can expect to be spoilt by convenience and comfort. Serenity At The Beach boasts of three swimming pools with child-proofing.

Our guests can also indulge in some barbequing during their stay. If not, there is always a fully stocked kitchen at your disposal. Also, we provide an Electrolux coffee machine for your caffeine needs. 

So, for affordable accommodation in Palm Cove Queensland, why look any further? Come, book our lavish yet reasonable accommodations, stay in luxury in the lap of nature

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5 Things to Expect From Your Stay with Serenity At The Beach

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