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How Luxury Accommodations Are Coping Up with Changing Need of Basic Amenities?

11 October 2018/ palm Cove Accommodation

How does it feel when you mess up with your mobile charger every time you try to plug it in? If you’ve already been in such situations for quite a few times, you can guess how frustrating it gets. As the use of smartphones, tablets, or laptops have proliferated over the years, the hotel and hospitality industry is even perplexed regarding the facilities that they should offer to the travellers who are coming in every day. However, there were several attempts, multiple trial and error methods, which has allowed the
Palm Cove luxury accommodations to find out the amenities that the guests value. Also, at the same time, while picking the range of services to offer to the guests, you can avoid the gimmicks that not add to the quality of the services at all.

The Paradigm Shift in The Hospitality Trends

Some of the recent surveys carried out by the hotel and hospitality industry experts mention the recurrent changes the industry has gone under, which even includes the removal of the smoking rooms. However, when it comes to gadgets, these changes are quite interesting, and not all are incorporated with the approach of including more technology.

For more than a decade, the IoT has taken over the world, and hence Internet access has earned popularity. While half of the accommodations in Palm Cove, such as Serenity at the Beach only provided high-speed internet access to the clients in the last decade, the number has increased to almost 98 per cent in 2018. Since the guests find no meaning to stay in a room which has no Wi-Fi, this is considered to be compulsory now in hotels like Serenity at the Beach.

How Offering More Technology Started Reducing?

Even in the last decade, the hotel industry believed in providing a plethora of technologies to draw in more guests. Especially, those who offered interactive hotel guides were favoured over those who didn’t, and the steep rise figured to almost 48 per cent in 2008. But with a couple of years’ time, this started going out of fashion as the guests preferred using their own devices over the ones that the resorts and hotels provided.

The picture of luxurious amenities concerning technology kept changing, the docking stations being the next. As the iPod and iPhone plugs came into fashion, these docking stations started losing their relevance. Same is the scenario for the circulation of newspapers which guests now prefer to read it online. This was a complimentary service that most luxury accommodations such as Serenity at the Beach provided for free to their guest, but since 2014, this was completely done away with. The entire notion was to bring in a change in the entire experience during their stay. The convenience and affordability of apartment-living were brought in resorts and hotel stay.

The entire staying experience in the Palm Cove luxury accommodation is gradually going on the posher end, with specific changes in the amenities provided. With the motif to deliver a hassle-free service, the scenario of complementary services is changing, reshaping the future of the hotel and hospitality industry in the years to come.

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